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I'm an Innovation and Constellations Practitioner from

Liverpool in the UK and love to facilitate and deliver

transformational and dynamic experiences for the people,

communities and organisations I serve!


I find myself here after living many years in New Zealand.

During my time in the Southern Hemisphere I had the privilege of working and travelling all over the world, and it was during my time in New Zealand that my journey in to entrepreneurship and innovation really began back in 2014. I worked in and supported a number of Start Ups while at the same time designing and running enterprise level innovation Programmes for Corporates and Government across 4 continents. 

That work has continued on my return to my return to the UK  and have worked with some of the biggest organisations and innovation Programmes in the world from HSBC through to Shell and now via my Consultancy the Pool of Life

Alongside my innovation practice I have a deep curiousity about life, psychology, philosophy and the healing arts. For over 20 years I have been exploring what it means to be a human, our place in society and the culture we live as well as how to become a better person. As part of that journey I developed a fascination with behavior traits and what we inherit from our family and was influenced by a maverick in this area Alejandro Jodorowsky,  which then led me to Bert Hellinger, the founding father of the practice of Family Constellations.

After attending a number of Constellations workshops in London back in 2021 I was blown wide open at how powerful and effective Family Constellations were and continue to be on my life and others. This work inspired me to undergo a 10 month Constellation Facilitator training in Northern Ireland with my Teacher - Roisin Fallon in 2022. Constellations are a profound offering and its a gift to be able to faciliate others utilising this method.

And so....the journey continues. The Pool of Life is a convergence of all my work and life experiences to date and will also be a lab of sorts that sparks and incubates new ideas for products, services, and new ways of being. Keep an eye out for the Events page for future happenings where I will host and facilitate conversations from diverse fields as food, spirituality, science, technology and change.  Get in touch with me via the contact page below,

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