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Design & Facilitation Of Transformational Spaces/Catalysing Visionary Leaders & Change Makers

The Pool Of Life

Entrepreneurship / Family & Systemic Constellations / Innovation / Community Building

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I'm Neil Meekin and I welcome you to my site showcasing the services, programmes, writings, and events of the Pool of Life! The Pool of Life is a convergence of my life's work and experience to date, and a threshold in to a new way of being and living that honours and is dedicated to the transformation of people and planet. I've had the privilege of living and working all over the world and currently based in Liverpool, UK the City of my birth, returning here after living in New Zealand for 7 years.

The Pool of Life is a hub and a driver for transformation utilising effective methods such as Family Constellations for personal or organisational transformation, through to Innovation Services that build capacity and capability for driving personal and societal change through entrepreneurship. 

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Neil balances a lot of polarities; warmth and professionalism, trust and knowledge, provocation and reassurance, masculine and feminine, the down-to-earth and the esoteric. Above all, he's holding a beautiful space driven by a genuine wish to help. A name to look out for in this space.

Milo - Dublin

Neil’s sessions were so helpful. He is very intuitive so that he subtly guides you while letting you explore freely. And without noticing, bang! You find what you’ve been struggling to see most of your life. The playmobil figures really took me by surprise, the resemblance was a bit surreal but it really helped to better understand my relationship with one of my parent. Finally, Neil is very good at creating a space of trust, which is so important when you dig deep into very personal matters. I would definitely recommend Neil to a friend or anyone felling stuck in their life and in need of disentangling a few persistent nots in the mind!

Jean Phillipe - Paris

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